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Releasing Firmware Updates

To make a firmware update available to your devices, you must first create a Release. A release is a set of artifact versions that are available. Here is an example of a command to create a release with the artifact that we created earlier:

# Filtering artifacts with nrf91 blueprint
$ goliothctl dfu release create --release-tags v1 --components [email protected] --rollout true --blueprint nrf91
# Without blueprint
$ goliothctl dfu release create --release-tags v1 --components [email protected] --rollout true

Now you can check on our Web Console for the created releases and see the releases 1.0.0 in the list.


You can also add device tags to target more specific devices.

Releases With Tags

Or you can also check with goliothctl dfu release list:

$ goliothctl dfu release list
id:"616880a46c69662e10832873" release_tags:"v1" rollout:true sequence_number:1634238628474218987 blueprint:"nrf91" device_tags:"desk" device_tags:"nb-iot" components:"[email protected]"
id:"6168785f6c69662e1083286b" release_tags:"v1" rollout:true sequence_number:1634236511222937406 device_tags:"ethernet" device_tags:"desk" components:"[email protected]"