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Azure Event Hub Overview

Azure Event Hub is a fully managed, real-time data ingestion service that can be used to consume Golioth events in a simple, trusted, and scalable way. You can ingest data in multiple ways inside Azure with support for popular protocols, including AMQP, HTTPS, and Apache Kafka. You can also consume Azure Event Hub in a serverless manner using Azure Functions.

Azure Event Hub Specific Attributes

For each Output Stream type, there is a set of specify attributes. Here are the ones for Azure Event Hub:

connectionStringstringFull connection string to reach Azure Event Hub topic:
topicstringAzure Event Hub topic name


To use this integration, you need to create an Event Hub on Azure and get the connection string and topic.

  1. Create and Event Hub: Follow Microsoft's Azure Quickstart to get started and create an event hub. Golioth uses the event hub topic name to connect

Creating an Azure Event Hub

  1. Create a send policy: Click the + Add button. Enter a policy name, select Send, and click Create

    Creating an Azure Event Hub

  2. Get the connection string: Click on the send policy you created. Copy the "Connection string–primary key" to use on Golioth

Creating an Azure Event Hub


As mentioned on Output Streams Overview, events are sent using Cloud Events format. For Azure Event Hub, some metadata of the event are sent together with the message body.

Here is an example of an event arriving on Event Hub. The payload will be inside a data attribute.

"specversion": "1.0",
"id": "aa12dc4c-c5ed-4b46-92e5-5a726f4daa81",
"source": "golioth/app/gateway/coap",
"subject": "stream",
"datacontenttype": "application/json",
"time": "2022-01-27T16:17:06.458868Z",
"data": {
"data": { "temp": 32 },
"device_id": "612d3cecf3ee17d321adbec6",
"project_id": "my-first-project",
"timestamp": { "nanos": 174295000, "seconds": 1643300226 }