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Webhooks Overview

Webhooks are a simple and flexible way to receive events from the Golioth platform using HTTP. It is really easy to build a web server to receive these events and you can write you own logic to process them.

Webhook Specific Attributes

For each Output Stream type, there is a set of specify attributes. Here are the ones for Webhooks:

uristringURI where events are sent via POST request
headersobjectExtra HTTP headers to send


As mentioned on Output Streams Overview, events are sent using the Cloud Events format. For Webhooks specifically, some metadata of the event are sent as HTTP headers.

Here is an example of an event arriving on a webhook. Headers prefixed with Ce- are related to Cloud Events and the message body is the event payload.

POST {your-uri-path} HTTP/1.1
Host: {your-uri-host}
Content-Length: 137
Accept-Encoding: gzip
Ce-Id: baa51655-c067-444c-a91c-6dcea73abc70
Ce-Source: golioth/app/gateway/coap
Ce-Specversion: 1.0
Ce-Subject: stream
Ce-Time: 2022-01-27T20:40:44.367693Z
Content-Type: application/json
"data": { "temp": 32 },
"device_id": "612d3cecf3ee17d321adbec6",
"project_id": "my-first-project",
"timestamp": { "nanos": 37421000, "seconds": 1643316044 }