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Releasing Firmware Updates

To make a firmware update available to your devices, you must first create a Release. A release is a set of available artifact versions that may optionally be targeted using Blueprints and Tags.

Create and roll out a Release

  1. Navigate to the Releases section of the Golioth Web Console

  2. Click the Create button

  3. Fill in the relevant information

    • Optional: select a device Blueprint. This will limit your available Artifacts to only those created with the same Blueprint.
    • Optional: select a Tag. You may assign any number of device tags to target the devices notified of this release.
    • Select your Artifacts. Multiple artifacts may be added to a release.
    • Optional: Input release flags. Each flag may only be used on a single release.
    • Optional: Select the rollout state. If enabled, devices will be notified immediately of the release. This value may be toggled at any time from the list of all releases.

    Creating a Release

  4. Click the Create Release button and the new release will appear in the release list. The Rollout toggle maybe used at any time to roll out or roll back a release.

    Releases list