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Uploading Artifacts

On the device side, the Golioth Firmware SDK relies on MCUboot, an open source bootloader. Valid MCUboot compatible images will be identified as such when uploaded to Golioth.


You can find more information about MCUboot in the MCUboot Github Repository.

We provide a firmware update sample application that can be used to test our OTA service. The sample listens for new release notifications from our backend and automatically downloads and installs them with MCUboot.

Follow the Firmware OTA Upgrade guide to build the sample application for your target board.

Uploading an Artifact to the Golioth server

  1. Navigate to the Artifacts section of the Golioth Web Console

  2. Click the Create Artifact button

  3. Fill in the relevant information

    • Optional: select a device Blueprint.
    • Choose a Package ID (use the default of main for firmware updates)
    • Input your Artifact Version (eg: 1.2.3)
    • Choose the binary you want to upload

    Creating an Artifact

  4. Click the Upload Artifact button and the new artifact will appear in the artifacts list:

    Artifacts list