Installing Goliothctl

goliothctl is a command-line utility that lets you work with Golioth, from creating your account to registering devices to interacting with device services (more on those later.) It runs on your local machine so you'll want to install the version that's appropriate for your operating system:

Download Pre-built CLIs#

You can download the latest tools here. Binaries are available for Linux, macOS and Windows.

Operating SystemDownload link
macOSDownload goliothctl for macOS
Download coap cli for macOS
Linux 32bitDownload goliothctl for Linux 32bit
Download coap cli for Linux 32bit
Linux 64bitDownload goliothctl for Linux 64bit
Download coap cli for Linux 64bit
ARM Linux 64bitDownload goliothctl for ARM Linux 64bit
Download coap cli for ARM Linux 64bit
Windows 32bitDownload goliothctl for Windows 32bit
Download coap cli for Windows 32bit
Windows 64bitDownload goliothctl for Windows 64bit
Download coap cli for Windows 64bit
Checksumschecksums.txt for goliothctl
checksums.txt for coap-cli

Each zip file contains goliothctl and coap command line tools.

Package Managers#

🚧 Work in Progress... 🚧

macOS (Homebrew)#


During the developer preview CLIs on macOS will be distributed as a Tap and will be published to the public Homebrew ecosystem in the future.

To enable the Golioth Tap globally, use

brew tap golioth/tap

The available CLIs are:

  • goliothctl
  • coap

Install them with brew install

brew install goliothctl coap

Alternatively you can also install the CLI directly (without adding a tap globally)

brew install golioth/tap/goliothctl

Verify that goliothctl is installed correctly by checking the version

$ goliothctl version

Linux (Binaries)#

Running the binary from linux may require it to be added to the PATH variable or to be run as a script: ./goliothctl