Speedrun: Zephyr + Golioth

Already know what Zephyr is and how to use it? Good. This page is for you.

If not, continue on to the Quickstart guide.

1... 2... 3... GO!#

  • Install Goliothctl — you'll use it to interact with Golioth.
  • Log In/Sign Up by running goliothctl login.
  • Create a project to hold your device with golioth project create.
  • Provision your embedded device with golioth provision.
  • Create a west workspace that contains the golioth module:
    • west init -m [email protected]:golioth/zephyr.git --mr main zephyrproject/
    • cd zephyrproject/
    • west update
    • west patch
    • west zephyr-export
    • pip3 install -r zephyr/scripts/requirements.txt
  • Setup your toolchain of choice with west.
  • Build the hello sample in zephyrproject/modules/lib/golioth/samples/hello and flash it to an internet-enabled device. See the Flashing a device with Samples page.
  • Run goliothctl logs --interval 10m to see the pings made by your device!