coap ping#

CoAP ping to test golioth coap gateway

coap ping [flags]


-h, --help help for ping

Options inherited from parent commands#

--accept string coap accept format
-b, --body string coap body
-f, --file string file to be sent on the request body
--format string coap body format
--host string golioth coap host (default "localhost")
--in read request body from stdin
-m, --method string coap method - GET,POST (default "POST")
-o, --observe stringArray coap observation paths
-p, --path string coap url path (default "/echo")
--port int golioth coap port (default 5684)
--psk string coap pre shared key
--psk-id string coap psk identity
-q, --query stringToString coap query params (default [])
-w, --wait wait for replies


  • coap - CoAP client to test golioth coap gateway