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Golioth is a cloud services platform for IoT devices. One accepted model for understanding services like those provided by golioth is the Client Server Model. Applying Client/Server to the IoT stretches the definition a bit but will prove useful for introducing our Device SDK.

Device SDK Architecture Diagram
๐Ÿšง Work in Progress... ๐Ÿšง

The code contained within the DSDK plays the client role in that it is the initaior of communications to a Golioth server. The point is, Whether you have one device or many they can use the DSDK to connect a central Golioth "server" which assists the device and you with day to day functions.

Our DSDK currently abstracts the following services:

  • Authentication
  • Firmware Updates
  • telemetry reporting via LightDB
  • Bulk data streaming via LightDB Stream
  • System Logging

The following sections will provide overviews and detailed guides on how to consume these services from an embedded, or firmware, development context.