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LightDB Observe Request

The observe sample demonstrates another method of retrieving resources using CoAP. The observe sample is somewhat of an asynchronous version of the get sample. The observe sample methods are used to establish a subscription to resources in the Golioth cloud. Changes to the state of these resources in the cloud will trigger an update to the known state of the resource on the device.

Due to the similarities between the get and observe samples, it is recommended to review the get sample first. Duplications include the golioth_on_message() function, its initialization in main(), and the Wi-Fi connectivity check. The observe sample includes an on_update() function which is identical to the reply_callback() function found in the get sample and serves the same purpose of parsing the coap packet and printing it to console.

The unique function found in the observe sample is the golioth_on_connect function. This is the function that is used to subscribe to resources in Golioth. After the reply handler array is cleared, the golioth_lightdb_observe() function is called to subscribe to the "observed" resource.

The while loop found in main() contains only a sleep function because the updates regarding resource value occur from the context of the golioth_system_client_start() thread context in the background.

Descriptions of the golioth_lightdb_x functions can be found here