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The Hardware section includes a catalog of supported boards for the Golioth platform. Additionally, there are quickstart guides and recommended boards for common MCUs, such as the ESP32 and nRF91.

Board Support Tiers

Golioth has three levels of board support: Continuously Verified, Verified, and Unverified.

Continuously Verified Boards

A continuously verified board:

  • is highly recommended for new users that want to try out Golioth.
  • is tested on every release of the Golioth Zephyr SDK.
  • is regularly tested and used by the Golioth development team.
  • has first class support and maintenance from Golioth. If you encounter a problem with one of these boards, you can reach out to us on the Golioth Forum or file a bug report, and we will address it quickly.

The set of boards in this category covers commonly used connectivity options including WiFi, cellular, and Thread. Additionally, these boards cover common MCUs, such as the ESP32 and nRF91.

Verified Boards

A verified board:

  • is tested and confirmed to work with Golioth.
  • is tested less frequently than continuously verified boards. This means it was tested on an older version of the Golioth Zephyr SDK, but may not have been tested on the most recent commits.
  • is supported and maintained by the Golioth development team. You can reach out to us on the Golioth Forum for help and troubleshooting.

Boards in this category cover a wider range of MCUs and peripherals.

Unverified Boards

An unverified board:

  • has not yet been verified to work with Golioth.

It's very possible that the board may work well with Golioth, but it has not yet been tested by the Golioth team.

Check if the board is in Zephyr's list of supported boards. If it's in the list, there's a good chance it will work with Golioth with low development effort.

If you're interested in using a board from this category, you can reach out to us on the Golioth Forum, and we can help you with next steps to get the board connected to Golioth.