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Board properties
Board IDnrf52840dk_nrf52840
Golioth LevelContinuously verified
Golioth Quickstartnrf52840dk_nrf52840 quickstart
RAM*256 kB
Flash*1024 kB

* values are as reported by Zephyr .yaml board files, which don't represent the overall available resources

Getting started

See our quickstart guide for nRF52840-DK-NRF52840.

Supported features

  • adc
  • arduino_gpio
  • arduino_i2c
  • arduino_serial
  • arduino_spi
  • ble
  • counter
  • gpio
  • i2c
  • i2s
  • pwm
  • spi
  • usb_cdc
  • usb_device
  • watchdog
  • netif:openthread

Supported toolchains

  • zephyr
  • gnuarmemb
  • xtools

Official Zephyr docs

We use the nRF5240 Development Kit along with an ESP32 board running AT modem firmware to provide connectivity. The pinout for connecting these boards is described in the of each Golioth Firmware SDK sample application.

nRF52840-DK-NRF52840 (nrf52840dk_nrf52840)