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Authorizing Devices

We saw on the Manage Devices we can create the device. To connect to our platform we also need to create a credential for it.

Currently we only support PreShared Key based authentication, but we will be adding more methods in the future.

To provision a device, we can use the command goliotctl provision. To do a full provision that creates a device and credentials we can use the command:

goliothctl provision --hwId "DE:AD:BE:EF" --name "My first device" --credId "deadbeef-id"  --psk "supersecret"

Credential Identifier also needs to be unique.

To add credentials to an existing device, we can update just the hardware ID or device ID. Here are some examples:

# By Hardware ID
goliothctl provision --hwId "DE:AD:BE:EF" --credId "deadbeef-id" --psk "supersecret"
# By Device ID
goliothctl provision --id <device-uuid> --credId "deadbeef-id" --psk "supersecret"

Get the device ID by running the goliothctl device list command:

$ goliothctl device list
id:"<uuid>" name:"My first device" hardwareIds: "DE:AD:BE:EF"

Now your device can connect to our platform. Check for more commands to provision devices here.