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LightDB Stream

LightDB Stream Device Service definitions over CoAP.

How to use guides:


MethodDescriptionPathContent Format
POSTSend data/.s/{path=**}JSON/CBOR
GETGet latest data/.s/{path=**}JSON/CBOR

path can be any valid URI sub path. Ex:



To demonstrate the operations here, let's imagine that we are tracking an asset using an IoT device. The location data from our device is going to periodically pushed to a LightDB Stream.

Parameters and attributes that are known:

t or ts or time or timestampTimestamp of the datapointnow()

The body can be a JSON/CBOR object or a single value in the following formats:

  • boolean
  • float
  • integer
  • string

You can also send a batch request by sending an array at the root level and with different timestamps:

$ coap --path /.s/position -m POST --psk-id deadbeef-id@my-project-id --psk supersecret --host -b "[{\"ts\": 1626362266059, \"latitude\": 37.75, \"longitude\" : -122.57, \"speed\": 5 }, {\"ts\": 1626362276059, \"latitude\": 38.75, \"longitude\" : -123.57, \"speed\": 10 }]" --format json