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Device Connectivity

Anytime a devices connects to one of Golioth IoT Gateways (CoAP / MQTT), the Gateway will track and report the status of the connection.

Rather than tracking just online / offline information, we keep a set of three timestamps for each device which can be used to dynamically compute the online or offline status:

TimestampUpdate event
Last ReportDevice interacts with a given service (LightDB State/Stream, Device Logs and other services).
Last Time OnlineDevice performs a successful handshake and authentication with a Golioth IoT Gateway
Last Time OfflineDepends on which protocol the device uses, see below.

Online and Offline meaning on each protocol

The online / offline indication varies by protocol.

MQTT is based on TCP. The online and offline events are reported by the TCP stack. Once the TLS handshake and authentication succeed, we mark the device as online. When the connection is actively closed by the device, we mark it as offline. But frequently (such as on a power loss, or a hard reset), a device cannot actively close the connection. In that case, we rely on a keep-alive mechanism that periodically queries the device state. If we don't hear from the device within the keepalive timeout, we consider the device offline.

Related configurationDefault Value
Keep Alive IntervalCan be negotiated with the device, but by default is 60 seconds.
Keep Alive TimeoutFollows this formula =(KeepAlive) + (KeepAlive/2).

CoAP is based on UDP, a connectionless and stateless protocol which doesn't have a concept of online or offline. But since we are mandating the use of DTLS for all CoAP connections, we use the DTLS handshake and authentication as indication of a device going online. Since CoAP is frequently used in low power scenarios with infrequent communication, we don't send keepalives to devices. We keep every DTLS session stored for 3 hours, during which a device can resume it. If the device doesn't send any information for 3 hours or if it actively disconnects, we consider the device offline.

Related configurationDefault Value
Session TimeoutDefault is 3 hours. Can't be negotiated with the device.