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Device Connectivity

Anytime a devices connects to a Golioth IoT Gateway (CoAP), the Gateway will track and report the status of the connection.

Rather than tracking just online / offline information, we keep a set of three timestamps for each device which can be used to dynamically compute the online or offline status:

TimestampUpdate event
Last ReportDevice interacts with a given service (LightDB State/Stream, Device Logs and other services).
Last Time OnlineDevice performs a successful handshake and authentication with a Golioth IoT Gateway
Last Time OfflineDepends on which protocol the device uses, see below.

Online and Offline meaning on each protocol

The online / offline indication varies by protocol.

CoAP is based on UDP, a connectionless and stateless protocol which doesn't have a concept of online or offline. But since we are mandating the use of DTLS for all CoAP connections, we use the DTLS handshake and authentication as indication of a device going online. Since CoAP is frequently used in low power scenarios with infrequent communication, we don't send keepalives to devices. We keep every DTLS session stored for 3 hours, during which a device can resume it. If the device doesn't send any information for 3 hours or if it actively disconnects, we consider the device offline.

Related configurationDefault Value
Session TimeoutDefault is 3 hours. Can't be negotiated with the device.