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LightDB Device Service definitions.

Real-time endpoint to listen to any changes in a device state path.


MethodDescriptionComplete EndpointContent Format
WebSocketListening to LightDB Device Statewss://{projectId}/devices/{deviceId}/data{/path=**}?{x-api-key|jwt}={API_KEY|JWT}JSON

To open the WebSocket connection, you will make an HTTP Request for a websocket endpoint, passing the following parameters:

projectIdfalseID of the project
deviceIdfalseID of the device
pathtruePath to listen to

- Omit the path parameter to listen to the root path
- Format as /some/path to listen to that specific path. Ex: /data, /data/temp, /data/temp/state
API_KEY or JWTfalseAPI Key or JWT valid for the ProjectID passed to authenticate to the Golioth

Use Cases

While the GET method only allows you to receive one data packet at a time, WebSocket makes it possible to keep a persistent flow of data coming from the LightDB at the moment the state is changed. In other words, with WebSocket you are able to listen to changes in real-time. You'll see data arriving at your WebSocket client as soon as the data sent by the device arrives on the Golioth Cloud. The WebSocket will continue listening until the connection is closed.

Listening to real-time device state changes via WebSocket

For example, to listen to any changes in the /env path of a project called local-test, connect a WebSocket client to the following endpoint:


You'll see data arriving to your WebSocket client each time the /env path is either modified or deleted:

{"result": {"data": {"temp": {"value" : 45.2, "unit" : "c"}}}}
{"result": {"data": {"temp": {"value" : 45.3, "unit" : "c"}}}}
{"result": {"data": {"temp": {"value" : 45.1, "unit" : "c"}}}}
{"result": {"data": {"temp": {"value" : 45.0, "unit" : "c"}}}}
{"result": {"data": {"temp": {"value" : 45.3, "unit" : "c"}}}}
{"result": {"data": {"temp": {"value" : 45.4, "unit" : "c"}}}}

If you want to listen to the entire device state without specifying any particular path, just omit the path:


In this case you will see data arriving for the entire device state:

{"result": {"data": {"env": {"temp": {"value" : 45.2, "unit" : "c"}}, "alert": {"temp": true}, "config": {"temp": {"min": 20.0,"max": 40.0}}}}}
{"result": {"data": {"env": {"temp": {"value" : 45.3, "unit" : "c"}}, "alert": {"temp": true}, "config": {"temp": {"min": 20.0,"max": 40.0}}}}}
{"result": {"data": {"env": {"temp": {"value" : 45.1, "unit" : "c"}}, "alert": {"temp": true}, "config": {"temp": {"min": 20.0,"max": 40.0}}}}}
{"result": {"data": {"env": {"temp": {"value" : 45.0, "unit" : "c"}}, "alert": {"temp": true}, "config": {"temp": {"min": 20.0,"max": 40.0}}}}}
{"result": {"data": {"env": {"temp": {"value" : 45.3, "unit" : "c"}}, "alert": {"temp": true}, "config": {"temp": {"min": 20.0,"max": 40.0}}}}}
{"result": {"data": {"env": {"temp": {"value" : 45.4, "unit" : "c"}}, "alert": {"temp": true}, "config": {"temp": {"min": 20.0,"max": 40.0}}}}}