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Sending Updates


Right now we have a really basic feature for doing Over the Air updates (OTA) on a device, where you can send a file directly to the device. A more complete feature is gonna be build in the near future, so stay tuned.

The device needs to Observe the path /update via CoAP and also need to support Block-Wise Transfer via CoAP. After observing that path, we can them send a file using goliothctl. Here is an example command:

goliothctl updates send <device-uuid> <file path>

You can simulate that using coap. In one terminal, listen do the /update path using this command:

$ coap ping --psk-id deadbeef-id --psk supersecret -w -o /update --host coap.golioth.ioParamsurl: shared key: deadbeef-id:supersecret
Ping successfullywaiting for more msgs. Type ctrl+c to closeNew msg on path   Code: Content, Token: 978f872da87c4ee0, ContentFormat: text/plain;charset=utf-8body size:  2OK

Now send any file using goliothctl command as presented before and you will be able to see the file on the coap terminal output.