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Structuring Data

All data on LightDB is stored as JSON like objects. You can think of it as a cloud-hosted JSON tree.

There are no concepts of tables or records. When you add data to the JSON tree, it becomes a node in the existing JSON structure with an associated key. You can set any arbitrary keys and values inside that tree.

Example on how to structure data

Let's consider an Asset Tracking application:

  • Each device tracks the GPS position of an individual asset
  • There is an optional geofence set up on the device to trigger an alert.

The device will post data to the gps and cell paths. We will monitor its position and connectivity status. On the other side, an external party can set the geofence and the device can read that as a configuration. With the externally posted information, the device will calculate if it is inside or outside of the given geofence and report that data back to the network.

"gps": { // Updated by the device
"latitude": 12.34,
"longitude": 12.34,
"speed" : 5,
"valid" true
"cell": { // Updated by the device
"signal": -55
"geofence": { // Read by the device
"latitude": 12.34,
"longitude": 12.34,
"radius" : 5
"geofenceStatus" : "inside" // Calculated and set by the device