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LightDB State Client Overview

LightDB is a set of database services hosted by Golioth. LightDB State a bi-directional service that handles stateful data, use it to create applications involving resource state. Device state such as LED on/off, door lock position, or thermostat settings are easy to manage using the Golioth cloud.

LightDB State vs. LightDB Stream

Key differentiators between the LightDB State and LightDB Stream services offered by Golioth:

  • Data Persistence:
    • LightDB State data values do not accumulate, they are replaced with update calls
    • LightDB Stream data accumulates, resulting in a timestamp-based historical record of all received values
  • Directionality:
    • LightDB State is bidirectional; changes may originate from either the device or the cloud (e.g. via a REST API call or changes made on the Golioth Web Console)
    • LightDB Stream is a unidirectional service (device to cloud) useful for recording time series data


The Golioth Firmware SDK includes numerous functions for working with state data. They can be grouped into four categories:

  • LightDB Delete: delete stored data at a specific path
  • LightDB Get: retrieve stored state data from a specific path
  • LightDB Observe: register a callback to run whenever data changes on the cloud
  • LightDB Set: store state data at a specific path

These categories are described in-depth in the pages to follow. Please review the Golioth Firmware SDK Doxygen site for a comprehensive LightDB API reference.