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Registration & Wizard

To begin using Golioth please register for an account at

Once registered, you will be asked some onboarding questions and to review our terms of service. The console will be quite empty, so select Quick Start from top of the screen and click Let's Go! to use the quickstart wizard. The wizard includes three steps:

Step 1: Project name

  • Enter a Project Name of your choosing

Step 2: Device name

  • Enter a human-readable Device Name

Step 3: Device credentials

  • The Identity of this device is automatically populated from the device name with -id and @project-name appended
  • A Pre-Shared Key (PSK) is automatically generated. This is a password that will authenticate this device to the Golioth Cloud

It really is that simple, you have provisioned your first device! Let's provision a second device to get to know the console just a bit better.