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The path for a data message is the portion of the path targeted by the device with the /.s prefix removed.

The path filter is used to specify the which data messages, indicated by their path, should be routed to a given pipeline. path filters may match exactly, or by using a wildcard (*), which indicates that the path must be prefixed by the characters preceding the wildcard.

For example, the following path filter would match all paths.

path: "*"

Trailing slashes are automatically stripped from both the filter and the data for exact comparison in matching path filters. For example, all of the following path filters would match data with path /temp or /temp/.

path: "/temp"
path: "/temp/"

Trailing slashes are not stripped prior to a wildcard. The following filter would match /temp/ and /temp/celsius, but not /temp.

path: "/temp/*"

A wildcard (*) can only be supplied as the final element in a prefix matching path.