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Destinations are used to deliver data to external locations. A single pipeline may deliver data to multiple destinations.

Incurs Usage

Sending data to a destination incurs usage costs after exceeding the free tier. See Golioth pricing for more information.


Every destination type is versioned. It is recommended to specify a version for destinations in pipelines to ensure that new releases are not automatically consumed as they may alter behavior. If no version is specified for a destination in a pipeline step, the latest will be used.

Versions may be specified as exact or partial. For example, v1 would refer to the latest v1.Y.Z release, v1.0 would refer to the latest v1.0.Z release, and v1.0.0 would refer to the exact v1.0.0 release.

Using Destinations

Destinations receive data after it has been potentially modified by transformers in previous steps in a pipeline or a transformer that shares a step with the destination. Some destinations require that data be provided in a specific format. If invalid data or data of a different content type is provided, the destination will refuse to send it.

Many destinations support providing parameters, some of which are required, when used in a pipeline. View the documentation for your specific destination to see what content type and parameters are supported.