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Frequently, sensitive information, such as credentials, is required in order to deliver data to an external destination. This information needs to be accessed by a pipeline, but storing them in the YAML document would be insecure and reduce reusability. To address this issue, Golioth offers a Pipeline Secrets, which are defined in a project and can be referenced by any pipeline in that project.

Secrets are stored using project specific encryption keys and their values cannot be accessed outside of a running pipeline after they are created.

Adding Secrets

Secrets can be added to a project in the console under Credentials > Secrets. A secret can contain any text and must have a name that adheres to the following restrictions:

  • Names can only contain alphanumeric characters ([a-z], [A-Z], [0-9]) or underscores (_).
  • Names must not start with a number.
  • Names are case insensitive.
  • Names must be unique in a project.

Using Secrets

Secrets can currently only be used in destination parameters. They are referenced by prefixing providing a secret name prefixed by $ as a value. For example, the secret INFLUXDB_TOKEN is referenced as the value for the token parameter below.

type: influxdb
version: v1
bucket: device-data
measurement: temp