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Golioth Data Routing


Data Routing is how you can get data from your IoT fleet to where you need it.

While you can use the Golioth web console to view, search, and sort the data coming into your devices, most customers also need to connect their data to existing databases, business logic, or user apps. Golioth is built for this!

Application Services

Our application services detail how to work with stateful (LightDB State) and time-series (LightDB Stream) fleet data. These pages focus on using the goliothctl and coap command-line tools. You will likely find this section useful during active development.

Output Streams

Output Streams are integrations with popular services like cloud servers, database platforms, and visualization engines. These pages include detailed guides on how to connect your Golioth accounts to these services so that incoming device data immediately passes through Golioth and arrives where you need it.