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ESP-IDF with Golioth

What is ESP-IDF?

The Espressif IoT Development Framework (ESP-IDF) is a FreeRTOS-based platform developed and maintained by Espressif Systems for their line of ESP32 microcontrollers. The Golioth Firmware SDK can be included in your projects as an ESP-IDF component.

Using ESP32 with Golioth

The ESP32 is a Wi-Fi and Bluetooth combination chip. There are multiple versions of the chip, including the ESP32, ESP32-S2, and ESP32-S3 based on the Xtensa core and the ESP32-C3 which uses the RISC-V core.

Golioth works with all ESP32 variants supported by the ESP-IDF platform. This section shows how to set up your build environment, compile, and run demo code that connects to Golioth.