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Zephyr with Golioth

What is Zephyr?

The Zephyr® Project is an open source scalable real-time operating system (RTOS) supporting multiple hardware architectures including ARC, ARM, RISC-V and X86. Zephyr includes a mature networking stack, making it a perfect option for working with Golioth. The Golioth Firmware SDK can be included in your projects as a Zephyr module.

Using Zephyr with Golioth

Golioth can be added to the manifest of any Zephyr project. As long as a socket is available, all network connection types (cellular, WiFi, Ethernet, thread, etc.) will work thanks to Zephyr's network abstractions.

This section shows how to set up your build environment, compile, and run demo code that connects to Golioth.