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NXP i.MX RT1060 Overview

What is the i.MX RT1060?

The i.MX RT1060 is a family of crossover MCUs from NXP Semiconductor. They feature native Ethernet for connectivity, and a wide range of hardware peripherals surrounding an Arm Cortex-M7 running at up to 600 MHz. There are multiple evaluation kits available, we have chosen the MIMXRT1060_EVKB for this guide, which features the MIMXRT1062DVL6A processor.

The NXP team maintains top-tier support for their processors in Zephyr. This, in combination with the excellent connectivity, wide range of hardware peripherals, and extremely powerful core, is why Golioth chose the i.MX RT1060 as one of the first platforms to support.


  • i.MX RT1060 - A family of Ethernet-capable processors from NXP Semiconductor.
  • mimxrt1060_evkb - The evaluation board officially supported by Golioth.