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goliothctl apikeys create

Create an API key or JSON Web Token (JWT) that can be used to connect to the Golioth REST API.

goliothctl apikeys create [flags]


# Create an API KEY
> golioth apikeys create
id:"5df88b8e-e208-41d4-b7e2-29192ab5de83" key:"dLEtQLItz9eSHZYwuZGE5UlcgL2GOmHW" type:API_KEY

# Create JWT
> golioth apikeys create --type JWT_KEY
id:"fe71a35c-0cb9-4643-9761-e95c332c2b1c" key:"LQBgNB0LldJ4tyIDDzQd4tY7G060o8bV" type:JWT_KEY secret:"BpYxx835pZ1A8KUpfhWMNiGd1V0e0JB7"

# Create Keys with tag(s)
> golioth apikeys create --keyTag ktag-1
> golioth apikeys create --keyTag ktag-1 --keyTag ktag-2
> golioth apikeys create --type JWT_KEY --keyTag ktag-1 --keyTag ktag-2


  -h, --help                 help for create
--keyTag stringArray optionally assign one or more tags to the key being created
-t, --type string api key type [API_KEY JWT_KEY] (default "API_KEY")

Options inherited from parent commands

      --apiUrl string      golioth api server url (default "")
-c, --config string config file (default is $HOME/.golioth/.goliothctl.yaml)
--projectId string golioth project id