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goliothctl device create#

Add a device to Golioth.


Add a device to the Golioth cloud. It can have multiple hardware IDs. The hardware IDs are not currently restricted to particular formats.

goliothctl device create [flags]


# Add a device with multiple hardware IDs> goliothctl device create --name foobar --hwId AA:AA:AA:AA --hwId BB:BB:BB:BB


      --blueprint string   blueprint name  -h, --help               help for create      --hwId stringArray   device hardware id      --name string        device name      --tags stringArray   tag names

Options inherited from parent commands#

      --apiUrl string      golioth api server url (default "")  -c, --config string      config file (default is $HOME/.golioth/.goliothctl.yaml)      --projectId string   golioth project id


  • goliothctl device - Use the goliothctl device subcommands to add, remove, list, and update data associated with devices.