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goliothctl device update#

Update the name, hardware IDs, and tags associated with a device.

goliothctl device update [device name] [flags]


# Update the name of a device from "foobar" to "my-device"> goliothctl device update foobar --name my-device
# Add two hardware IDs to a device and delete one old one> goliothctl device update my-device --rmHwId AA:AA:AA:AA --addHwId BB:BB:BB:BB --addHwId CC:CC:CC:CC
# Add a tag to a device that's referred to by hardware ID> goliothctl device update --hwId DD:DD:DD:DD --addTag something-or-other


      --addHwId stringArray   add hardware id      --addTag stringArray    add tag  -h, --help                  help for update      --id string             device id      --name string           new device name      --rmHwId stringArray    remove hardware id      --rmTag stringArray     remove tag

Options inherited from parent commands#

      --apiUrl string      golioth api server url (default "")  -c, --config string      config file (default is $HOME/.golioth/.goliothctl.yaml)      --projectId string   golioth project id


  • goliothctl device - Use the goliothctl device subcommands to add, remove, list, and update data associated with devices.