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goliothctl login

Authenticate with Golioth.


Use goliothctl login subcommand for either manual login through the browser or authentication through an API Key.

The login information will be stored in a local secure keystore if available. Otherwise, the data will be stored in ~/.golioth.

goliothctl login [flags]


# Login manually through the browser
> goliothctl login

# Login through API Key without opening the browser
> goliothctl login --apiKey Qdn59uyHDMJWw0qKIHEDsMjID9gA85Gp

In this case the API Key must be generated before through goliothctl or web console.


      --apiKey string   api key
-h, --help help for login

Options inherited from parent commands

      --apiUrl string      golioth api server url (default "")
-c, --config string config file (default is $HOME/.golioth/.goliothctl.yaml)
--projectId string golioth project id


  • goliothctl - Manage Golioth platform resources and developer workflow.