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goliothctl stream

Access the data in a LightDB Stream.

goliothctl stream [flags]


> cat query.json
"fields": [
{"path": "time"},
{"path": "deviceId"},
{"path": "env.temperature","type": "float","agg": "avg"}
"time_bucket": "10m",
"filters": [
{ "path": "env.temperature", "op": ">=", "value": 30 }
{ "path": "env.humidity", "op": "<", "value": 50 }
# Query timeseries data on a project from a query file
> cat query.json | goliothctl stream query --interval 24h--in
[{"deviceId":"<device uuid>","env.humidity":40,"env.temperature":23.333333333333332,"time":"2021-05-03T14:40:00+00:00"},{"deviceId":"<device uuid>","env.humidity":80,"env.temperature":32,"time":"2021-05-03T17:10:00+00:00"}]

# Query timeseries data on a project with inline fields and filtering by tag
> goliothctl stream query --interval 8h --field time --field "env.temperature" --field "env.humidity" --field "deviceId" --tag development
[{"deviceId":"<device uuid>","env.temperature":20,"time":"2021-05-03T14:45:16.333369+00:00"},{"deviceId":"<device uuid>","env.temperature":30,"time":"2021-05-03T14:45:22.315853+00:00"},{"deviceId":"<device uuid>","env.temperature":20,"time":"2021-05-03T14:46:24.938491+00:00"},{"deviceId":"<device uuid>","env.temperature":40,"time":"2021-05-03T17:18:03.69016+00:00"},{"deviceId":"<device uuid>","env.temperature":40,"time":"2021-05-03T17:18:57.801929+00:00"},{"deviceId":"<device uuid>","env.temperature":40,"time":"2021-05-03T17:18:59.897766+00:00"}

# Read latest device state
# [device name] should be replace by your device name and wrapped in quotes if spaces are used.
> goliothctl stream get [device name] /test
{"env":{"temperature": 30, "humidity": 80}}

# Listen to all lightdb stream messages of the project
$ goliothctl stream listen

# Listen to lightdb stream messages from a device
$ goliothctl stream listen [device name]


  -h, --help   help for stream

Options inherited from parent commands

      --apiUrl string      golioth api server url (default "")
-c, --config string config file (default is $HOME/.golioth/.goliothctl.yaml)
--projectId string golioth project id